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Student Visa

Student Visa - Overview

Student Visas, as the name suggests are visas issued to applicants whose primary purpose of visit to the country is the pursuit of education. Needless to say, while getting admission in the university is extremely important, these legal documents stand in the way of all your pursuits. Each and every country is governed by its own Immigration Laws. These could vary in terms of the requirements of documents to the different proof of funds acceptable to what all the visas would let you do apart from studying in the country. Also, there are some broad commonalities that are visible in all student visa applications.

When should I apply for a Student Visa?

Studying abroad requires meticulous planning to say the least. Students are always advised to plan their admission/ application process keeping in mind university deadlines and working backwards. Students are required to appear for English eligibility tests as per the university policy and also have required documents in place for the smooth processing of their application. Hence, students are always advised to apply 3-4 months in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Candidates seeking financial aid, scholarships and education loans should add another couple of extra months to the process as these applications take more time.

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General Queries

A student visa is called by several names, depending on your study abroad destination. While in the UK, a student visa is called a Tier 4 (General Student) visa, in the US, the student visa is referred to as an F-1 visa.

Documents Required for Student Visa Application


Valid Passport


Proof of a Bonafide Student


Financial Lucidity


Language Proficiency

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