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Legal Translation Company for Every Need

Our carefully selected team of legal translation professionals understands the terminology of legal systems around the world. Connect with a professional legal translator who is native to the language you are targeting, and an expert in your field of law.

Above everything else, we strive to work within the law in the various countries we offer assistance with citizenship by investment services in. We recognize that every client’s situation is unique and, consequently, we can provide tailored solutions for every client’s unique legal needs.

We do not just simply ask our clients to provide us with required documentation—we help obtain it, authenticate it, and translate it. By taking care of the details, it means a smoother process and fewer delays toward receiving residency and/or citizenship.

What is a Legal Translation?

Legal translation is the transference of written information within the legal system from one language to another. Legal translation is a complex service because judiciary systems differ greatly from one country to another. Due to this, a legal translator must have thorough knowledge of the intricate details of the pertaining legal system to assure that all requirements of that system are diligently met.

We provide legal translation and legal interpretation services by experts in the legal field. From our extensive network of language professionals, we pair you with a legal translator who is:

  • Native to the language you are targeting
  • An expert in your field of law
  • Certified to work in the court of law

Legal Translation Services on Retainer

Now you can keep our legal translators and court interpreters on retainer. Our legal translation retainer program provides you consistency and ease. It keeps you connected to language professionals who specialize in your field of law, and gives you easy access to the most rare languages that may come your way.

Build a relationship with translators of your most common languages. The ability to access the same translator creates consistency among all of your documentation. This is especially significant when it comes to translations where multiple words could provide the same meaning. By retaining a consistent translator, the translator will learn your preferences in formatting and lingo, and build uniformity throughout all of your documents.

Also, with this retainer program, we connect you with the most rare languages in record time. When you are presented with a client who speaks a language you have not yet handled, we provide a proper translator for that language within hours of your request.

Certified Legal Translations

If you need documents translated for a high school transfer, university application, or immigration acceptance, you will be required to provide certified translations. And for certified legal translations, you need a professional legal translation company to assure accuracy in both translation and procedure.

Our certified legal translation professionals run all of your legal translations through a rigorous 5-step quality control system to assure that your translations are 100% accurate, and meet all related legal requirements. We then accompany your translation with a signed certificate of accuracy, free of charge. Plus, if you need a translation affidavit, we will provide one upon request.

All of our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS and backed by a lifetime guarantee. That means, if for any reason the translation doesn’t meet all of the requirements of the school, university, or government, we will adjust it until it is right.

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