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Company Formation

Company Formation

Our qualified staff have the extensive legal and administrative backgrounds necessary to handle the paperwork and smoothly arrange the documents required to establish your new company in the country of your choice.

It is possible to acquire residency and/or citizenship for you and your family through a foreign-business venture. We work with discerning and savvy local investors and entrepreneurs to help our clients properly establish their new businesses.

We also offer numerous inclusive services ranging from hiring qualified local employees, to navigating the often-complicated bureaucracy surrounding company formation.

The Non-Resident Company Formation FAQ's

A registered office address is your legal company address. It must be a foreign country address and is a standard requirement to be able to form a company in the foreign country. You will receive post from HMRC tax authorities and Companies House at this address only. A trading address (also known as a virtual office address) is less formal and is basically the address which you use on your marketing materials, your website, your business cards and other correspondence. It is an address where you can receive your general business mail ie from customers, suppliers, partners, banks etc. A Director Service address (also known as a Service Address) is the correspondence address for each director of a company and is on public record. This does not have to be a foreign country address.

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